Laser Tag: The Best Team Building Singapore Activity

Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag is one of the best team building Singapore activities that you can do with your friends. It has been around for a long time, but it's still very popular because it's so much fun! It is not only an awesome game to play, but it also gets people excited about coming back again and again. The game has plenty of benefits, including increasing social skills and corporate team building for employees.

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Game Modes

1. Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Team Building

The typical game is played outdoors, for example, a laser tag game at East Coast. Playing outdoors gives room for running across a huge area. The shops and trees in the vicinity can also act as hiding spots so less equipment will be needed. If you want such an arrangement, Laser Tag Singapore offers the Outdoor Laser Package which provides equipment available for mobile set-ups.

2. Indoor Laser Tag

Not a fan of the sun but want to play laser tag? The laser tag experience can also be played indoors. The Fun Empire allows the booking of indoor laser tag games at recommended locations such as The Cage @ Kallang, Yishun Futsal Arena, and Premier Pitch. If you're looking for air-conditioned places, The Fun Empire also has its Headquarters and Hyperspace available for indoor laser tag Singapore.

3. Neon Laser Tag

Neon Laser Tag - Team Building

Looking for a cool game in the dark? Neon Laser Tag is a mode to be enjoyed indoors with the lights off. The location will instead have mysterious purple lights that cause your glow-in-the-dark vests to glow. The dimly lit venue adds to the difficulty of the laser quest for you and your team. This game mode will help your company or CCA fulfil the objectives of team building as they break the ice through communicating and strategising during the game.

Type of Games

1) Free for All

Laser Tag Games in Singapore - Team Building

Usually a part of the equipment familiarization session, this laser tag game mode is a warm-up where players are to shoot as many people as possible. Respawn is limitless for this lasertag game. This game only lasts for 5 minutes and is easy to understand.

2) Domination

Laser Tag Games in Singapore - Team Building

In Domination, players will never get a second chance. This style of gameplay is more competitive and there are no extra lives or respawns. A team wins when they have eliminated every player from the opposing team, whereas if neither teams are successful in doing so, then whichever has more remaining players after the time limit will win. Time is of critical importance!

3) Capture the Flag

A popular game that is made more interesting: each team has five flags and the other side will aim to snatch all. Players can only send one member into enemy territory or the team gets disqualified. If a player is eliminated while carrying a flag, he or she leaves the flag on the spot and exits the game.

4) Mission Impossible

Laser Tag Games in Singapore - Team Building

In addition to eliminating your opponents, you are required to find pieces of a puzzle scattered around your opponent’s base. One can be shot while hunting for these pieces, as sneakily-remaining opponents may be aiming at you from behind their barricades. Your team will also need to dedicate time to solving the puzzle which makes you vulnerable to your opponents.

Laser Tag

A laser tag event has so many benefits, including increasing social skills and team building for employees. Laser Tag Singapore offers the best laser tag games that are perfect for each individual skill level. It helps with team building because it requires players to cooperate with one another while competing against another team or person, teaching them how to win together. Try out the best Team Building Singapore Laser Tag today!

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