Top 9 Escape Rooms To Uplift Your Party Package!

Party Package

Party Package
Party Package

Do you want to throw a great party? Party rentals may be costly and time-consuming, but what if we told you there was a cheaper option? Virtual Escape Room Games Party Packages are a fantastic answer for any event planner's needs. With eight escape room games in one inexpensive package, this will make your birthday or company gathering unforgettable!

If you're searching for a fun way to entertain your guests, Virtual Escape Room Singapore is the game to play. They're ideal for any event and come in a variety of styles! We'll go through each one so you can figure out which is best for your needs.

Virtual Curse of the Werewolf

The Virtual Escape Room from the Fun Empire is a new exciting adventure in which you and your friends collaborate to solve mysteries and complete tense tales while sitting at home.

The last descendant of the chief is missing and must be found. Play as the descendants of the chieftain and fulfill your responsibilities - lift the curse from your village. At nightfall, strange werewolves are hunting innocent villagers in a little, ancient town plagued by darkness and dread. Use collaboration and communication to restore peace to your community!

This fantastic gaming pastime is one of the best birthday parties in Singapore!

Virtual Amazing Race

Another interesting activity to do on your birthday in Singapore is our Virtual Amazing Race!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the world's landmarks and having a blast with your friends while doing it? The Fun Empire has made those dreams come true in Virtual Amazing Race. With 360° clues, games, themes from around the world, and plenty of international fun spread across dozens of cities worldwide- there's no end to the excitement.

Virtual Big Ben's Heist

The Fun Empire is eager to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for groups that want to pull off their own heist. This game is a fun birthday party Singapore based on The Money Heist fiction. It makes use of small clues from a lightly sprayed blue print, making it simple yet difficult because to increasingly complex vaults. Make your big escape before the police catches you with your treasure!

4) Virtual Time Travel

This is a wonderful party game for your child's birthday! You will go through time in accordance with the End Game concept. Your objective is to use your problem-solving abilities and conversation with other players to complete a sequence of challenges during each stage. In our variation of Time Travel, you must gather various time-period relics and open treasure chests on the board while attempting to activate the time machine.

5) Virtual Jack's Hangover

Immerse yourself in the part of an amnesiac trying to make sense of last night's events. Jack's Hangover is a room that requires you to assist our protagonist in putting his memories back together after waking up with a severe hangover and splitting headache. Jack's memory may still be affected by last night's adventure if he can recover the fragments of his mind! As a result, it is your responsibility and that of your team to assist him in regaining his memories before his flight departs.

6) Virtual Travel Experience

Imagine a trip that will be unlike any you've ever taken! With 360 degree live clues, Virtual Escape Room, and Virtual Amazing Race, this experience will never grow dull. In this game, you'll get to learn more about Singapore while overcoming challenges in communication, strategy, and teamwork for victory. This fantastic Party Package for Singapore will thrill remote team members with its difficulty.

7) Virtual Time's Ticking

The city has just received a phone call from someone who claims to be going to blow it up. It's time for you and your group of detectives-in-training to come through! Time is of the essence, and you've been given a tight deadline to solve the most difficult brainteasers ever! Your score is getting more difficult than ever, so each problem becomes more challenging for even puzzle experts. This is genuine brain training that will leave you feeling accomplished.

8) Virtual Food Quest

Foodies, this is your chance to show off your culinary knowledge! If you want to throw a fun and lighthearted birthday party, Virtual Food Quest is just what you're looking for. Learn about various cuisines and gather ingredients for the Ultimate Ninja Dish, which is a unique way to pass the time.

9) Virtual Party Mania

With Virtual Party Mania, you'll never be bored again. This party game is ideal for your next birthday party or any other occasion where a little competitive excitement would be appropriate! To advance through the various stages of this game, players must solve problems, answer questions, and complete various activities as a team. The Party Games are intended to keep everyone entertained in a fun atmosphere!

10) Hybrid Amazing Race

Hybrid Amazing Race is one of the newest team-building games produced by the Fun Empire, which mixes physical tasks with internet puzzles. Participants will learn more about Singapore's history by visiting different attractions in Chinatown, where they'll also find out about each cuisine category available. To win the race, participants will have to work together with their pals or family members to solve puzzles and accomplish physical activities!

Party Package

Escape rooms are a fantastic method to interact with your friends and family. They may also be an opportunity for you to discover more about other cultures through cuisine, games, or history. The ideal mix of physical challenges and mental puzzles is provided by Virtual Escape Room.

If you're looking for a company for Virtual Escape Room Singapore to host your next birthday party package, we recommend The Fun Empire's Escape room selection, which includes games like Virtual Escape Room that will keep spirits up while creating new memories!

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