6 Escape Rooms To Help You Destress From Work

Stressed About Work
Stressed About Work

Stressed About Work

Are you looking for an interactive activity to do to destress from your workload? What if we told you that there was something affordable and enjoyable you could do virtually? Virtual Escape Room is one game you should try with your buddies!

If you're finding for some Escape Room themes that will be exciting for you and your pals, then you should try some of these Virtual Escape Room Singapore themes. They are awesome for any group dynamic. We'll give you the description of each one so that you can choose which is best for your team. 

1) Virtual Curse of the Werewolf

The Virtual Escape Room by The Fun Empire is an internet-based game that allows you and your friends to solve puzzles and complete dramatic stories from the safety of your own homes.

Play as the chief's descendants and do your duty: lift the curse from your village. At nightfall, wild werewolves are killing innocent villagers in a tiny, town plagued by darkness and dread. Using collaboration and teamwork, restore order to your village!

This exciting escape room theme is one of the coolest team games you can play to destress!

2) Virtual Amazing Race

Another excellent game to play with your crew is our Virtual Amazing Race!

Have you ever dreamed of going on a worldwide journey with your buddies and having a fantastic time? Virtual Amazing Race has converted those concepts into reality. You'll have a great time playing Virtual Amazing Race, which includes 360° clues, themes from all across the world, and cool issues to solve.

3) Virtual Big Ben's Heist

The Fun Empire is eager to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for groups wanting to execute their own heist. This game, which is inspired by The Money Heist fantasy, is ideal for Singaporean team bonding activities. It's a clever combination of detected patterns from a plan that gets easier to start but more difficult as the game progresses.

4) Virtual Time Travel

You'll have to go back and forth in time in order to complete the end goal. Your objective is to utilize your problem-solving skills and communicate with other team members to solve a variety of puzzles at each stage. In this variation of Time Travel, you'll need to collect various artifacts from different eras while trying to use the time machine.

5) Virtual Travel Experience

Imagine something completely fun and light-hearted! 360-degree live clues, Virtual Escape Room, and Virtual Amazing Race will keep you intrigued. You'll be able to play all three games on one device, in addition to learning more about Singapore through communication, strategy, and teamwork for success. The challenge will appeal to remote team members who like a good light challenge.

6) Virtual Food Quest

It's foodies' time to show off their culinary expertise! Virtual Food Quest is a wonderful social game for groups. If you're looking for a fun and easy-going bonding activity, this is the game for you. While searching for components to prepare the Ultimate Ninja Dish, learn about various cuisines. This is an entertaining alternative to escape the work life.

Stressed About Work

A Virtual Escape Room is a perfect way to unwind while bonding with your friends and family. They can also be a way for you to discover more about different cultures through food, games, and puzzles. Escape Rooms are a great mental game for your team. If you are keen in trying any of these games, feel free to get in contact with us as we would love to give you the best Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience!

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