What To Do In Singapore During Holidays

What to do in Singapore during our holidays?

We can't travel this holiday season, but we can still have fun. Planning these activities will provide some much-needed relief during a pandemic. Keep us entertained by trying these rejuvenating activities on our break from school or work! In this article, we will recommend 7 ideas of what to do in Singapore.

What To Do In Singapore

1. Hybrid Amazing Race

What To Do in Singapore - Team Building Singapore

What to do in Singapore with friends?

The Merlion, a legendary creature who is said to bring peace and prosperity to those around her, had her power core stolen by an unlucky lightning strike. She can only regain this power if she eats her favorite food. But no one knows what that favorite food is! As challengers of the impossible adventure, it's your duty to explore and uncover the favorite food of Merlion!

The Fun Empire is proud to present Singapore's first-ever hybrid Amazing Race experience that combines offline physical challenges with online interactive clues and puzzles. Explore Singapore's heritage while having the opportunity to push past social distancing, discover incredible places, and enjoy unforgettable moments of imagination, exploration, and fun!

Price: From $35/Pax

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2. Art Jamming

What To Do in Singapore - Team Building Singapore

What to do in Singapore with family members? What are the things to do around me?

Our creative team-building sessions are devised for corporate retreats, schools, and consumers. These events include instruction by experienced facilitators, as well as additional services on a case-by-case basis such as sound systems, catering, bus transportation, and more. 

We offer two separate packages for our Art Jamming sessions - Individual and Team Building. Our team-building package makes it easier to improve team cohesion.

This team-building activity not only encourages participants to work together, but also asks them to communicate with each other in order to see the painting and try to complete it on a large canvas.

We recently launched our newest team-building activity, Tote Bag Art Jamming. Paintings are done on tote bags instead of canvases, so each participant can design their own bag and paint it during the session. The participants will be able to take back their bag designs home afterward!

Price: From $35/Pax
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3. Terrarium Workshop

What To Do in Singapore - Team Building Singapore

What to do in Singapore for team-building with colleagues? The terrarium workshop is the thing to do!

You may not be aware of or how, but terrariums are transparent bowls filled with soil and plants. They can also serve as decorative pieces for the home. Educational workshops in Singapore on creating these containers are gaining popularity among those who do not shy away from experimentation.

It is worth creating your own terrarium because it's much more affordable, and you have the freedom to design it in any way that suits your tastes. These green havens are also environmentally friendly. Give terrarium workshop a try as your next team-building activity!

Price: Starting from $28

4. Leather Crafting Workshop

What To Do in Singapore - Team Building Singapore

What to do in sg?

Creative workshops like leather crafting have been considered unconventional in Singapore, but with the huge variety of DIY crafts available such as sewing, knitting or painting at hand, these are not only an interesting experience but also a form of relaxation and therapy for people who wish to be creative.

Depending on the location, the limit for class size will vary. However, a trainer is assigned to every 12 participants, so larger crowds are still welcome at our leather-making workshop.

Price: Starting from $42

5. Candle Making Workshop

What To Do in Singapore - Team Building Singapore

What to do in Singapore with my partner? What to do near me?

One of the most popular DIY and craft workshops in Singapore is gel candle making. It's a family-friendly activity where adults and children can learn about how candles are made. In this activity, young children will be supervised by a trainer as it involves hot wax.

Making soy candles is a fantastic way to relieve stress and declutter the mind. Soy candles are organic, carry no harmful substances, and because they're eco-friendly, using them can help you save the Earth! As such, if you have a desire for healthful products with properties that help in relieving stress, do give this activity a try!

We have explained the many benefits of gel candles. You can read from our post about Why Gel Candles are better than Paraffin Ones.

Price: Starting from $35

6. Virtual Food Quest

What To Do in Singapore - Team Building Singapore

What to do in Singapore if I cannot meet my friends physically? The Virtual Food Quest is one of the fun things to do this weekend in Singapore!

Here’s your chance to get a taste of real Singaporean dishes! Put your foodie knowledge to the test with Singapore’s only Virtual Food Quest Experience for only $20/pax. The Virtual Food Quest promises an epic adventure for all.

For a fun way to bond, grab your foodie friends and colleagues and solve culinary challenges at this game! Discover new foods together as you join each other in solving different types of food-related puzzles.

One of the easiest virtual games to play, Virtual Food Quest will be a great activity for your next team-building day. Your team's communication and teamwork will be put to the test in this lighthearted, fun game session!

The Virtual Food Quest experience can host teams of any size, with a minimum of 2 participants all the way up to unlimited. Give this fun and laughter-filled activity a try – you might even find yourself craving food afterward! This is one of the most popular things to do at home.

Price: From $20/pax

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7. Virtual Time Travel

What To Do in Singapore - Team Building Singapore

What to do in Singapore if I am looking for challenges? What to do at home during the covid-19 pandemic?

We are inspired by the concept of Back to the Future! Proudly present to you The Virtual Time Travel experience that costs only $20/pax!

Virtual Time Travel will allow you to travel back in time and into the future to find your missing uncle. You'll have an exciting storyline as you solve puzzles with your team, traveling across different eras and time zones.

Virtual Time Travel is both challenging and entertaining, as it requires a lot of communication and teamwork to solve the puzzles. This is one of the most unique team-building games ever created.

Have you been thinking about trying a Virtual Reality Time Travel experience but were put off by the idea of being all alone? No need to worry. There is no limit on how many people can join one travel in VR, and there are opportunities for 2-people tandems, too!

Traveling through history and seeing incredible marvels will awe you! One of the best activities to do in Singapore.

Price: From $20/pax

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What To Do In Singapore

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