Advantages Of Art Jamming For Team Building

Art Jamming Team Building
Art Jamming Team Building

Art Jamming Team Building

Team building is a key way to the success of any organization. It helps bring people together in order to work as a team, swap ideas, and have more fun while they are at work. But how can you get your employees out of their offices? One way is by Art jamming! It's an interactive activity which allows for creativity and teamwork. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use art jamming for your next company event or team-building session as well as the benefits of an art jamming workshop.

Types of Art Jamming

In Singapore, there are a number of methods for a painting session to take place. You will most likely be doing on canvas, but other media can also be used. The following are four popular art jam types:

1) Individual Art Jamming

When you do it as an individual artist, you're known as "individual art jamming." Painting is a fantastic method to show your individuality and creativity. It may help you improve your abilities before you start painting whether or not you pick up the brush right away. You could even let your mind wander while drawing.

2) Group Art Jamming

Jams for individual pieces or group art jams, is frankly, necessitate collaboration. Although some canvases are available for this design, they all contribute to the larger picture - the one discussed upon as a whole by the group! Nonetheless, this method necessitates greater cooperation and a consensus among participants. On the one hand, it may be a great approach to achieve creative energy! Group paintings are typically bright and lively in tone.

3) Neon Art Jamming

The following art form known as neon jamming, which is a new trend in Singapore, uses neon paint rather than regular ink or paint. But the line does not stop here. The excitement of creating their own neon painting is heightened by the illumination, which aids art jammers in building their own neon paintings in a specially created area. That's a distinctive aspect of the concept that isn't found in other art jam ideas.

4) Tote Bag Art Jamming

All of the jamming studio projects to date have been on canvas. Acrylic paints, on the other hand, may also be used to paint cloth. The colors' adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including cotton or linen cottons. Watercolors are not suggested for tote bags since they may fade or dissipate.

The Perks of Art Jamming Team Building Singapore

Now we will discuss a some benefits of participating in an art session:

1) Share Inspiration and Ideas

You'll be working together with the other participants if you pick our Group Package. You'll all have to contribute and collaborate on ideas and inspiration in order to complete the artwork since there is only one huge canvas available. Communication development is assisted when you interact with each other on a regular basis.

2) Increase Confidence

Painting, drawing, and other types of creative expression have been proved to improve creativity and self-esteem. People may be more likely to communicate their views as a result of artistic activity. In a society that encourages others' accomplishments (and provides useful criticism when appropriate), people may feel comfortable enough to speak openly about themselves.

3) Build Closer Relationships

You'll be side by side with your teammates if you purchase the physical Art Jamming package. This may assist the group to communicate and interact outside of their normal work setting. When people are in such close quarters, they get to know one another better, and friendships form as a consequence. When everyone has closer connections with coworkers, a business performs better as a whole.

Art Jamming Team Building

Scrapbooking is a fantastic team-building exercise that mixes creativity, socializing, and enthusiasm to bring people together. It not only draws teams closer together but also compels them to operate as a unit.

There are several paint shops in Singapore that you may visit for your next team building exercise! One example is The Fun Empire, which provides a variety of art jamming sessions (as listed above).

We look forward to creating the best art jamming singapore experience today! Book your art jamming slots now!

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4 Ways To Get The Best Art Jamming Experience

Art Jamming Tips
Art Jamming Tips

Art Jamming Tips

Art jamming is indeed quite a new art form that has been gaining popularity recently in the art world. It's really fun and doesn't require much artistic ability! It may be tough to find ideas for your Art Jamming Workshop but do know that you don't need artistic ability to enjoy Art Jamming.

In this post, we'll give you some simple tips for getting ideas for your Art Jamming sessions. We hope you'll enjoy these tips as much as we do!

1. Try Singing.

In music jamming, you may really leverage songs to get ideas. Sing along with your favorite songs and see if you can express what's being said in the lyrics. It will help you come up with new inspiration!

2. Using your own ideas is an excellent method to express yourself.

It's not necessary for your art jam to be realistic. This is most likely the approach to take if you're having difficulties coming up with things to paint! Simply observe an object or creature until you're inspired by how it looks, and you'll be good to go.

3. Taking a photograph and then drawing from it

Art jamming has taught us that the definition of art is subjective. You may get creative inspiration for artwork to make by drawing your favorite people or items from photographs during art jamming! It takes less creativity when starting from scratch, but the end result may be just as mesmerizing. Start a doodle and see what comes out!

4. Using geometric shapes as a source of artistic jamming ideas

Taking geometric forms as a source of inspiration is another tool for utilizing jumbling art. Choose one shape (such as a triangle, circle, or rectangle) and draw it over and over again with the same materials! You'll be shocked at how many distinct designs each piece of artwork can produce while using the same supplies!

Art Jamming Tips

Art jamming is an exciting art style that anybody can engage in. It's all about self-expression and art discovery, making it an ideal art form for novices! We hope you enjoyed these 4 easy ideas for getting the most out of your Art Jamming Singapore sessions. Send us any additional tips like this in the boxes below! We look forward to providing the best art jamming experience for you.

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5 Art Jamming Misconceptions

Art Jamming Myths
Art Jamming Myths

Art Jamming Myths

Art Jamming is quite a new creative art form. It was designed by art specialists and artists in the 1970s as the means to improve creativity, and since then it has boomed in popularity. There are still a few misunderstandings and misconceptions about an Art Jamming Workshop that we'd want to clear up today!

Myth 1: Art Jamming does not use "legitimate" art methods.

Many people think that Art Jamming is basically a form of enjoyable art, and that is true. However, there are believe it or not, proper art styles and methods that can be used and practiced in Art Jamming!

We'll go through art theory in our Art Jamming sessions, which include the color wheel and basic brush stroke instructions. These are actual painting methods that participants can utilize to produce their own Art Jamming masterpieces!

Myth 2: Team bonding is difficult in Art Jamming.

Some people believe that Art Jamming isn't a good team-building exercise because participants would be focused on their own work. This couldn't be farther from the truth!

During our Art Jamming sessions, participants will have the opportunity to talk about their work with their teammates. Participants also have the option of stitching together their own pieces into a larger group artwork or working on a collaborative painting!

The game has a creative element, in which players are free to express their creativity and learn more about one another, resulting in enhanced team building!

Myth 3: To participate in Art Jamming, you must be creative.

For Art Jamming, you don't need to be an artist or have any prior art knowledge. The first part of our workshops will address fundamental art ideas and brush stroke skills, so all you have to do is show up with an open mind and some inventiveness!

Myth 4: You will feel left out if you are not an artist.

That is not the case! Our facilitators will make sure that all participants have a thorough understanding of art theory and are comfortable with brush stroke techniques, regardless of their skill level. If you want assistance or additional information, our facilitators can communicate with you! We want everyone who participates in the Art Jamming installation to leave feeling at ease and satisfied with the experience.

Myth 5: You need to be "good" to enjoy art jamming

This notion is completely false. We believe that in order to appreciate the things that we do, others must perceive us as being competent at something. However, in the world of art, it does not matter what others think. It's all about expressing yourself and remaining true to yourself. You must make certain you never compromise your authenticity for approval.

Art Jamming Myths

Art Jamming is a fascinating form of art. It can be done by anyone, regardless of their skill or artistic level. You don't have to be an expert to participate; all you need is a good learning attitude and the help of our facilitators! Share your love for art with your team and enjoy a stress-free creative experience! Get in contact with us! We would love to provide you the best Art Jamming Singapore experience!

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6 Brilliant Art Paintings in Singapore You Must See

Paintings Singapore
Paintings Singapore

Paintings Singapore

Singapore has some of the world's greatest paintings, and you don't have to take our word for it. You don't have to believe us; ask any art lover! There are works of art in Singapore that you must see before you die because they may not endure forever. If painting and art jamming is your cup of tea, this blog post can help you in deciding what to see if you visit Singapore. Here are 5 paintings that we think you should see while in town which can inspire you to go for an Art Jamming Workshop!

1. Drying Salted Fish (1978), Cheong Soo Pieng

The painting on the $50 note's reverse, which depicts a group of Malay villagers processing and drying salted fish, is by Cheong. This can be seen in parts of Southeast Asia today, surrounded by lush vegetation, overturned baskets and farm animals in a pasture; an unbroken chain that has continued up to the present day.

The painting was made for King Yoo Jong-yong's court artist, Cheong Cheok-hwa, who was well-known for his dragon paintings. The artwork is made with Chinese ink and color on fabric before being gold leafed in the Nanyang region's distinctive Nanyang art style developed by Cheong, making it stunning.

2. National Language Class (1959), Chua Mia Tee

In this educational environment, National Language Class depicts a school scenario as well as the issues of identity and national pride that a group of Malaysian children confront while studying Bahasa Melayu in school.

From the mid-1960s until today, many new additions were made to the school.The finishing date for the building is scribbled in bright red paint on the wall, showing Singapore's independence from British colonial rule. Students and spectators were asked basic questions in Bahasa on the blackboard to determine each group's nationality at the time. Chua is a key figure in Singapore's art world, having been honored with numerous accolades throughout his years including the Cultural Medallion in 2015.

3. Life by the River (1975), Liu Kang

Bali's rural countryside is captured in this photograph, which transports you away from the bustle and noise of the city center. Liu Kang was able to capture traditional kampung life's communal way of life, including attap homes on stilts and gatherings of people on riverbanks, thanks to his experience as a village kid.

Liu Kang lived in Paris as a youngster and was influenced by fauvism and post-impressionism. The vivid hues and staccato brushstrokes are clear indications of the city's impact. He traveled to Indonesian islands with other early artists such as Chen Wen Hsi and Cheong Soo Pieng in order to document the climates

4. Modern Art (c. 1960-170), Chua Tiag Ming

In this dreary black and white photo, a guy is seen working alone on the side of a house. This image was taken during political and social upheaval. In stark contrast to the clean, bright light streaming through the roof and surrounding walls, the man's concentration and calm on his (by today's standards) flimsy ladder provide for a sense of empathy. The realistic look of Chua's is reminiscent of an era when it was only known by older people, yet it appeals to today's audiences.

5. Black and White (c. 1970), Anthony Poon

Among a row of natural-themed works, this monochrome painting stands out. Poon was Singapore's first contemporary artist and is still one of the most renowned Optical Art artists today.

He received his master's degree from the prestigious Cheong Soo Pieng University in London, where he studied for a year after attending the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. Before deciding on Op Art, he worked with a number of genres. It is obvious that each one of his works was meticulously organized and methodically finished, from the accuracy of black and white.

6. Lotus In A Breeze (c. 1970), Georgette Chen

This piece is a great example of a Nanyang School artist using Western pictorial methods to depict a locally-themed subject. Chen was passionate about the lotus blossom, and it commonly served as a motif in her works to demonstrate her Chinese roots. The strokes and colors in this painting were largely influenced by the Impressionist painters at the same time.

Paintings Singapore

Artworks in Singapore have the power to showcase the country's vibrant history and culture beautifully. Artworks in Singapore are able to take your breath away, whether it's black-and-white of an unassuming guy working on his home alone or paintings of the traditional Kampung life with its Attap homes on stilts and riverbank gatherings. 5 of the most beautiful paintings depicting the splendor of this Southeast Asian island nation may be found in this post; but there are several more to discover as well!

Wanting to start your own painting or art jamming? Get in touch with our helpful events staff right away! We'd be happy to assist you plan the most wonderful Art Jamming Singapore experience!

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5 Cool Art Events Singapore & Galleries For Every Art Lover

Art Events Singapore
Art Events Singapore

Art Events Singapore

Do you love Singapore's arts events and Art Jamming? If so, you'll definitely wish to check out these cool art galleries, which are among the best in Singapore. This list has everything you want for art galleries and art activities in Singapore. There's something for everyone on this list, from artistic festivals and exhibitions to art strolls and classes. With this list as your guide, you will be in for a blast! Be inspired for your next Art Jamming Workshop experience!

1. Gajah Gallery

The Gajah Gallery in Singapore, which has been showcasing Asia's artistic talent since 1996, is a showcase of the continent's many creative talents. Several artists' views on Asia as an artist are represented by the art at the Gajah Gallery in Singapore.

2. Future Perfect Gallery

The Future Perfect Art Gallery in Singapore is a one-of-a-kind art gallery that features the work of artists from all over the world. With an extensive selection of artwork, photographs, and sculptures on display, this exhibit allows everyone to enjoy art! Check out their website for upcoming shows and events at Future Perfect Galleries if you have not already.

3. Yavuz Gallery

The Yavuz Gallery, a humble art gallery in Singapore with Turkish carpets on the walls and flooring, aims to foster diversity and international contact. The works of up-and-coming artists are on public display at this Singaporean art gallery, as well as masterpieces by long-standing practitioners.

4. The Substation

Have you ever heard of art walks or art exhibits? If not, see if there's one planned in your area for a comprehensive explanation! The Substation is Singapore's premier gallery. Since 1989, the Substation has been showcasing outstanding artwork in Singapore for you art enthusiasts!

5. National Gallery Singapore

The National Museum in Singapore is Singapore's national art museum, housing the world's largest collection of colonial and post-colonial Asian and Southeast Asian artifacts. The National Museum is located in the city hall and former Supreme Court Buildings, both of which are well-known sights in Singapore. At the National Gallery, there are six galleries on three levels, two are located there permanently.

Art Events Singapore

If you enjoy art galleries Singapore, then you're in luck! Art events Singapore have increased in popularity as a result of the accessibility and availability of art nowadays. Art events are widely available in Singapore. There's nothing more amazing than appreciating art while having a good time with friends or family (or on your own!) at Singapore's art galleries, which include art walks and artwork exhibits. Art events in Singapore are always lots of fun, so go witness an art gallery now!

Looking to schedule an Art Jamming session to produce masterpieces for your own gallery? Search no further! For the greatest Art Jamming Singapore experience, contact our helpful events team now!

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6 Fun Art Jamming Ideas For Every Personality

Art Jamming Ideas
Art Jamming Ideas

Art Jamming Ideas

Are you looking for some art jamming inspiration? If so, you have come to the right place! We have found 6 art jamming workshop ideas for every personality type to help get your creativity kicking. These art jamming ideas will allow your inner artist to show and allow you to create something exciting. Continue reading below!

1. Extroverts

Art jams are a fantastic way for outgoing individuals to come up with new creative projects! Art jamming is the act of artists from many disciplines and proficiencies working together to create something unique. This is an excellent method to meet new people while still being inspired by other artistic folks. Because extroverts may freely switch between different artforms, they will love art jamming and will enjoy socializing with other artists.

Art jamborees may be a fantastic opportunity for extroverts to meet new individuals and form friendships! Many art jamming events have a social component following the art jamming event, allowing everyone who took part in the art jamming project to mingle and show their work.

2. Introverts

Introverts may also appreciate making art jams as they are generally only formed as a result of someone leading them. Art jams provide an excellent opportunity to sit near an artist who has already arrived if you don't want to go out and meet new people! Introverts can join in art jamming without feeling self-conscious about meeting new individuals by doing so.

Introverts may find Art Jamming to be quite useful since it allows them to focus on their work for a long length of time. This is something that all introverted artists look for in a creative session! Introverted art appreciators can work next to someone they know or don't know without speaking.

3. Sensation Seekers

Art jamborees are a great way for sensation seekers to explore creative ways to make art! Art jams allow artists who want to exhibit their work in public spaces to do so right now rather than at home or some other place. Sensation seeking art enthusiasts will enjoy art jamming since it allows them to create artwork immediately.

Art jams are also an interesting sensation-seeking art jamming concept since art exhibitions frequently include food and beverages! This will allow artists who are hungry to get something to eat before returning on their creative projects. Snacks are popular among sensation seekers while working on artistic activities, therefore this is a fantastic addition to art jams.

4. Creators

Painting parties are another popular choice for creative individuals who want to perfect their craft. They're also ideal for artists since they enable them to work together in groups! Working in a group with other art enthusiasts may be an exciting experience, and art jamming allows everyone to participate. There are no boundaries to creativity when it comes to art jamming.

Another great art Jamming idea is to form art jams. Art jammings are frequently held in public spaces such as libraries or galleries, which may be a fantastic opportunity for artists to get out and explore! It's possible that getting new experiences will help stimulate creativity among many creators.

5. Thinkers

Art jam sessions are ideal art jamming ideas for artists since they allow them to evaluate their work projects critically! The majority of art jams have a topic that all participants must adhere to. This will encourage guests to consider their project more carefully and ensure it is relevant for the art jam.

Art jams are a fantastic instrument for those with analytical thinking skills to display off their abilities! At the conclusion of many art jam events, all of the artwork produced throughout the event is on display, allowing everyone who took part to discuss art with one another.

6. Creative Types

Art jam sessions are also excellent art jamming ideas for creative individuals who enjoy collaborating on artistic projects with others! This is ideal for people that want to create their work while being observed by others. Having an audience provides artists a sense of accomplishment, and art jamming allows them to do so while the artwork remains private.

Art jamming events can also be great art jamming ideas for creative individuals since art jams allow everyone who is a creative individual to be inspired by other artists! Individuals will have the freedom to break away from their own boundaries and attempt new artistic styles that they would not normally try on their own as a result of this.

Art Jamming Ideas

Art Jamming is wonderful for every personality type and creative need! Whether you're a sensation seeker, creator, thinker, or merely someone who loves to create art in groups. If art jams are your thing then we have the best art jamming Singapore experience for you! Check out our website today to plan your next Art Jamming event with us!

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4 Reasons Why Art Jamming Is a Perfect Date Idea

Date Ideas Singapore
Date Ideas Singapore

Date Ideas Singapore

For years, the idea of dates has been popular. For instance, Art Jamming is a great way to get to know one another on a deeper level while also creating beautiful art! This might be one of your greatest options if you're searching for date ideas. We'll look at 4 reasons why Art Jamming is a perfect date idea and give some suggestions on how to make it work for you two in this article!

1) Innovativeness

It's an important thing to start a date in a fantastic way! Romance and creativity go together like butter and toast, so if you're looking for something to spice up your love life, this might just be the answer. When we indulge in artistic and creative activities such as attending an Art Jamming Workshop, our brains produce serotonin, which makes us feel great and happy. Art Jamming is a great option if you're searching for date ideas that will give you a boost of energy!

A more open disposition is also beneficial in joint ventures where we feel disconnected from our partners. It's a great date alternative since it provides real opportunities for conversation and connection!

2) Inspiration comes from all sorts of places.

Making an art collage is a fun pastime that you can do on your own, with friends, or with family. Creating an art collage is a wonderful date idea because it allows you to communicate and discover new ideas. You may come up with even more comparable date suggestions after Art Jamming, making it a fantastic first date if you're unsure what to do.

If you're searching for date ideas to help you plan new date nights in the future, this is an excellent choice! It's natural to get tired of date nights after a while; therefore, avoiding a monotonous routine when it comes to date suggestions is critical.

3) Restoration

If you're feeling drained, Art Jamming is a fantastic date suggestion since it allows you to use your creative side. We tend to take this part of ourselves for granted, but Art Jamming reminds us that we are creative beings as well.

These images have a way of pulling in individuals, regardless of their age or generation. They may appeal to people's sentiments and recollections from childhood through adulthood. Every photo appears to have been taken in the present day, as if it were true! Ideas for Art Jamming may be work-related, but they're ideal date nights for unwinding, relaxing, and spending quality time together!

4) Creates New Memories

The top ten date ideas for photographers are fantastic since they give you the opportunity to create new memories together. You'll be able to tell a wonderful story and have it remembered forever in your relationship history! It's a great date plan for couples who desire to feel closer while still having their own dates. Date nights may get old at times. An Art Jamming date is the ideal date night that allows you to relax while also strengthening your relationship.

It's a wonderful idea to make art jamming your next date because it gives you special memories that will last a lifetime. This fun event will always be part of your relationship history, allowing you to perform it as often as you like.

Date Ideas Singapore

The ideas suggested in this article explains why Art Jamming is such a great date idea! There's nothing worse than being out of new date ideas Singapore right? So why not experiment with something new and creative like Art Jamming?

For more info on our Art Jamming Singapore workshops as a date idea, please do not hesitate to contact us and visit our website!

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5 Creative Art Jam Types

Art Jam
Art Jam

Art Jam

The more creative the better, according to some. In this case, short-term art shows known as Art Jamming are popular. They usually include processes for making, viewing, and giving feedback on art. The goal is to produce artwork without relying on time or money restrictions derived from previous examples. Arts and crafts can take 30 minutes to an hour So here are 5 Creative Art Jam types you should try!

1) Flow Art Jam

The flow art jam is a get-together of individuals who collaborate to create art in the same style as the person in front. This sort of art jam may be completed quickly or not at all! Everyone participating feels included and welcomed working as part of a group in this Art Jamming Workshop.

2) Art Collaboration Jamming

The majority of the time, a painting collaborative is organized around alternating positions as the project's lead artist. The ultimate product is a joint work that encompasses each individual's distinct creative style as well as their own personal ideas and sentiments about the task they worked on together.

3) The Paint and Wine Jam

Students participate in a paint and wine art jamming to create artwork with a teacher. This type of painting jam is ideal for novices since it's not only entertaining, but also relaxing! While utilizing tools like brushes and paints, participants will learn about various drawing methods while developing their own artwork.

4) The Design Critique Jam

Participants may join art criticism groups to get feedback on their work. The group reviews the artwork before moving on to the next exercise to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak and give their opinions about their own or anybody else's work if they choose. This type of jam is ideal for individuals looking for art evaluation but who are confused as to where they should go for feedback.

5) Virtual Art Jamming Workshop

Virtual Art Jamming Workshop is a fun and exciting way for team members to connect at home. Participants will receive all of the supplies, and the session will be held via Zoom or other video conferencing software. Participants will have the opportunity to see each other work on their own art, then combine together at the end of the session to share their stories and inspiration behind the completed piece. This is an excellent method to connect even if team members are not able to be in the same room!

Art Jam

The following are a few examples of types of art jamming that anyone can enjoy! It's critical to note that art jamming is not a race; it's about having fun and being creative! You may find art jams in your neighborhood by performing a basic search.

Alternatively, you may try out our Art Jamming workshop for a different take on Art Jamming Singapore!

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