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Art Jamming Singapore

Team building is a key factor to the success of any organization. It helps bring people together in order to work as a team, share ideas, and have more fun while they are at work. But how can you get your employees out of their offices? One way is with Art jamming Singapore! It's an interactive activity that allows for creativity and teamwork. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use art jamming in Singapore for your next company event or team-building session as well as the perks of art jamming.

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Background of Art Jamming

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Art Jamming experiences came to life over a decade ago and was first coined by Betty Cheung. It is the experience of positive, social painting to inspire creativity and energy in people. Contrary to popular opinion, one doesn’t need an artistic background to participate in an art jamming workshop or paint alongside others. Typically, Art Jammers work on a project that has been started by another Art Jammer, while others are free to create their own work.

Today, art jam singapore is a group-based activity where people develop their creative side by painting on canvas. The format of the activity has been designed to make it inclusive and for all levels of talent and ages. Hence, it can be attended for many reasons, such as confidence building or team building exercises. From corporate icebreakers to weekend family days out, a little more laughter is just what you and your friends need.

Art Jamming usually works with acrylic paint, but may also use other types of paints like watercolour and fluid art.

Types of Art Jamming

For a group activity, there are several ways in which a painting workshop in Singapore could happen. Mainly, you will be painting on canvas but other mediums are possible too. Here are 4 popular ways you can art jam:

1) Individual Art Jamming

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Individual art jamming is when you paint your own canvas in a group setting with others. This form of personal creativity and painting has many benefits, including honing your skills before starting—even before you take up the paintbrush to begin, you will need concepts based on visualizing. You can also let your imagination run wild by creating paintings as basic as you want, much like a doodle.

2) Group Art Jamming

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Group art jams, by definition, necessitate collaboration. Although individual canvases are offered for this design, each canvas contributing to the overall large picture - the one determined by the group! Having said that, this technique requires greater teamwork and reaching a consensus among participants. On the other hand, it could be a great way to engineer creative synergy! More often than not, group paintings are colourful and lively.

3) Neon Art Jamming

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A new trend in Singapore, the art form known as neon jamming uses neon paint rather than regular ink or paint. But the distinction does not end here. The entire neon art jamming experience happens in a specially-designed space with the illumination that boosts art jammers' skills to create their own neon painting. The mixing of neon colours is another component that adds to the excitement of this process, and we were able to create gradients by combining some of them! That's a unique part of the process that is not available in other art jam ideas.

4) Tote Bag Art Jamming

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So far, the projects that have been created in jamming studios are all on canvas. However, as acrylic paints can be used to paint on fabric as well, they’ve also been successfully applied to tote bags. The versatility of these types of paint means that they work for a variety of surfaces including cotton or linen cottons. Also, watercolours are not recommended on tote bags as they won't last due to fading and dissipation.

The Perks of Art Jamming Team Building Singapore

Now we will explore a few benefits of participating in an art session:

1) Share Inspiration and Ideas

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If you choose our Group Package, you will work closely with the other participants. As there is only one large canvas available, you all will have to put in some effort and collaborate on ideas and inspiration to complete the artwork. Speaking with each other regularly builds communication which is vital for team building.

2) Increase Confidence

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Engaging in art increases creativity and self-esteem, as people are able to share ideas. Encouraging feedback among participants allows people to gain a sense of belonging. Participants feel free enough to express themselves freely in an environment that praises others' work (and offers constructive criticism when necessary).

3) Build Closer Relationships

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If you decide to do a physical Art Jamming package, you will be seated close together with your teammates. The best art jamming workshops can help the group communicate and interact outside of their usual work environment. By being in such close proximity, relationships form and people get to know each other better. As you may be aware, a company performs more positively when everyone has closer relationships with co-workers.

Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming is an excellent team building activity that combines creativity, socialization and fun to bring together a group of people. It not only brings teams closer but also encourages them to work together as one cohesive unit.

There are many various painting cafes in Singapore/art jam studios that you can visit for your next team building event! One example would be The Fun Empire as we provide the different forms of art jamming workshops that you can choose from (as listed above). Check out here for more of the best art jamming singapore deals!

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