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Kick & bounce your way to triumph with the exhilarating excitement of Bubble Soccer.

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Bubble Soccer - Team Building Singapore
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"Brought out the energy in everyone. It was very fun!"

Daimler Commercial Vehicles
Neon Laser Tag (35 pax)

"Helped us to foster bonding and team spirit. The vibe here is awesome!"

VF Corporation
Neon Laser Tag (15 pax)

"10 out of 10! I would definitely recommend this company!"

Laser Tag (50 pax)

"We all had a great time - it was a fantastic team bonding for everybody with lots of fun!"

Poolball & Combat Archery (63 pax)

One-Stop Team Building Provider

Best Ever Bubble Soccer Experience

Team Building Singapore

Prioritizing Safety, Maximizing Fun

Dive into the exhilaration with absolute assurance. We’ve set the safety benchmark for your enjoyment, curating an atmosphere where families and friends can partake in bubble soccer and other activities securely.
Team Building Singapore

Fun Made Convenient

Whether at expansive island-wide locations or customized setups brought to your doorstep, the thrill of bubble soccer is always within grasp.

Team Building Singapore

Excitement Within Reach 

Embark on an affordable adventure with competitive starting rates from $25 per person, along with enticing discounts for small groups, ensuring accessibility to the thrilling world of bubble soccer without breaking the bank.

Team Building Singapore

Unmatched Expertise and Success 

With over a decade of experience, we offer memorable bubble soccer games, renowned for building strong teams and creating enduring memories to cherish.

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Experience Bubble Soccer In A Whole New Light

Affordable Bubble Soccer Package From $25/Pax

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer

Bump Or Be Bumped

From $25/Pax

Experience the exhilarating and one-of-a-kind sensation of playing traditional soccer while encapsulated within oversized inflatable bubbles with Bubble Soccer.

Min. 1 Hour

Convenient Locations

1 - 2 Facilitators

Min 8 - Unlimited Players

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The Ultimate Bubble Soccer Team Building Experience!

Elevating Your Experience Beyond Bubble Soccer

We are more than just Bubble Soccer – we offer a full-fledged experience to make your event unforgettable. From convenient bus transport to delicious catering and more, let us take care of all the details while you focus on having fun.

Transport Service

Hassle-free transportation to and from our venue.

Catering Options

From light snacks to full meals, we’ve got you covered.

Corporate Gifts

Remember the day with personalized gear for your group.


Capture the excitement and memories.

Add-On Activities

Elevate your event with a selection of additional activities, tailored to complement your laser tag adventure.

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Bubble Soccer Game Missions

Discover our exciting Bubble soccer game modes, each crafted to provide distinct challenges and memorable entertainment. 

Bubble Bump Soccer - Bubble Soccer

Bubble Bump Soccer

Bubble Bump Soccer introduces an innovative twist to the beloved global sport. Encased from the knees up in inflatable bubbles for safety, players engage in competitive soccer matches where teamwork is paramount to move the ball and score.

Learning Outcomes

 By understanding teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, you’ll enhance coordination and group dynamics. This fosters unity and strengthens bonds.

Bubble Bump Invasion - Bubble Soccer

Bubble Bump Invasion

A twist on the traditional game of “Rugby” with a safer approach. Players from each team aim to infiltrate the opposing team’s penalty box area. The first team to have all their members in the opponent’s penalty box scores 1 point.

Learning Outcomes

Analyze team dynamics to assign roles effectively, adapt to diverse situations through strategic planning, and foster teamwork towards common objectives.

Bubble Bump Zombie - Bubble Soccer

Bubble Bump Zombie

Prepare for the ultimate battle of Humans vs Zombies! Bubble Bump Zombie pits players against the forces of darkness in a thrilling showdown. Strategize for survival as you evade the relentless pursuit of hungry zombies!

Learning Outcomes

Develop strategic planning abilities and adapt to varied roles within a team context, utilizing unique advantages and limitations to effectively contribute.

Bubble Bump Musical - Bubble Soccer

Bubble Bump Musical

Who doesn’t love a bit of music with their fun? Bubble Bump Musical merges lively tunes with bubble dancing, crafting an ideal game suitable for all ages! Engage with fellow participants as you compete for territories in this lively musical experience.

Learning Outcomes

Develop social skills, collaboration and cooperation through interactive gameplay, fostering teamwork, team bonding and communication abilities.

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Strategically Selected Venues for

Maximum Convenience and Adventure

Cage @ Kallang - Team Building Singapore

CAge @ kallang

38 Jalan Benaan Kapal,

✓ Stadium MRT (Walking Distance)
✓ Fully Sheltered Playing Pitches
✓ Shower Facilities Available
✓ Vending Machines
✓ Parking Available (Chargeable)


Kick Off @ Kovan - Team Building Singapore

kick off @ kovan

60 Hougang St 21,

✓ Kovan MRT (Walking Distance)
✓ Fully Sheltered Playing Pitches
✓ Shower Facilities Available
✓ Vending Machines
✓ Parking Available (Chargeable)
FutsalArena @ Yishun - Team Building Singapore

futsalarena @ yishun

32 Yishun Central 1,

✓ Yishun MRT (Walking Distance)
✓ Fully Sheltered Playing Pitches
✓ Shower Facilities Available
✓ Vending Machines
✓ Parking Available (Chargeable)
CharisTurf @ Eunos - Team Building Singapore

charisturf @ eunos

11 jln ubi,

✓ Ubi MRT (Walking Distance)
✓ Fully Sheltered Playing Pitches
✓ Shower Facilities Available
✓ Vending Machines
✓ Parking Available (Chargeable)
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Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore
Based on 5953 reviews
Vaishali Jolhe
Vaishali Jolhe
Zhaf and Tianyi thank you for a wonderful experience
Rishab Sharma
Rishab Sharma
Great job to Zoey and Eddison for conducting our company’s team building- laser tag. It wasn’t easy HAHAHA but they slayyy
May Kin Wang
May Kin Wang
Wonderful team building. Edison and Zoey are wonderful facilitators. Thanks to them.
Fred Chiu
Fred Chiu
Zoey and Edison were great facilitators! Laser tag was very fun :)
Serene Ng
Serene Ng
Joey and Edison were awesome getting us into the game and making sure everyone has tons of fun. An afternoon well-spent with the team!
We have booked a tote bag artJam session for our recent team bonding event on 02Jul24 for 10pax with FunEmpire but leading up to the actual day we have 2 more colleagues signing up & I have made know to the online sale team Michael that I wanted to add and pay up the additional on the event day but I was very disappointed and upset to hear that i was not allow to add and pay on the day itself the very morning of our afternoon event. As we are all out for lunch before our art jam the 2 colleagues tag along with us to the art jam and on arrival, our event coordinator at site Ms Afiqah is so helpful and accommodating to allow us to pay on the spot and include our 2 colleagues and help settle our payment and the materials so that we can start our bonding event as planned. 10min into our artJam, there was a sudden blackout which could be due to a drilling work at a next door unit and Ms Afiqah quickly see to it that we have the lights back so that we could continue our artjam and some of my colleagues who are not able to get a certain shade of colour and she is able to give them advise on how to achieve the desired shade and even help some to get the shade they needed. Overall it was a short but pleasant artJam experience with excellent service we received from Ms Afiqah, everyone parted with a happy art piece on our tote bag that we proudly claimed as our very own and thanks for the additional freebies from the customer service manger which add a bigger smile to our afternoon. It is such pleasant experience that will made us wants to come back again for our future team bonding events. I hope FunEmpire will continue to groom and recognise these staff that goes the extra mile to help us, the customers to have such an enjoyable and memorable experience so much so that we can’t wait to come back again to organise our next team bonding session
Catherine Ng
Catherine Ng
Had fun doing the leather items.
Sarah Syafiqah Binti Rosmani
Sarah Syafiqah Binti Rosmani
Interesting and fun leather work shop !Facilitator is kristabelle and hui lun! They were amazing !

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer Singapore (also known as Bubble Bump Singapore), offered by Team Building Singapore, is an exhilarating activity where participants don inflatable bubble soccer suits and engage in soccer matches with the opposing team. With variants like Bubble Bump Invasion and Bubble Bump Zombie, a Bubble Soccer Game is perfect for team building, birthday parties, school events, and casual fun games.

Is Bubble Soccer Singapore truly fun, and how do you ensure participants' safety during gameplay?

Safety is paramount in every Bubble Soccer game. Our bubble soccer suits are designed with inner and outer spheres, supported by ropes to absorb shock. These durable materials and secure straps guarantee a safe and enjoyable Bubble Soccer Singapore experience.

Can I host a Bubble Soccer event at my preferred location in Singapore?

Absolutely! Team Building Singapore facilitates Bubble Soccer games at locations of your choice, including public parks or your own backyard. We'll ensure your selected site meets safety requirements and bring Bubble Soccer to you!

How do you maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards for the bubble suits used in Bubble Soccer Singapore?

As the largest Bubble Soccer provider, Team Building Singapore conducts weekly hygiene checks on all bubble suits, ensuring they meet our stringent standards. We're the only Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore to use custom-designed, sweat-proof straps for enhanced cleanliness and to ensure that we have the cleanest bubble soccer suits.

Who can participate in Bubble Soccer Singapore, and are there any age restrictions?

A Bubble Soccer game is inclusive for all ages, with adult sized bubble suits for normal participants and kid-sized suits available for younger participants. However, pregnant individuals, those with back injuries, or the elderly are advised to refrain from playing.

Are there additional services available for Bubble Soccer events?

Absolutely! As the best Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore, Team Building Singapore offers various add-ons, including catering and first aid services, to enhance your Bubble Soccer experience and ensure that you have an enjoyable Bubble Soccer event. Just let us know your requirements!

How does Team Building Singapore assist in setting up Bubble Soccer sessions, and what's the minimum number of players required?

Once booked, Team Building Singapore manages everything, from delivering equipment to setting up the venue for the Bubble Soccer event. A minimum of 8 players is needed to start a Bubble Soccer game.

What types of game modes are available in Bubble Soccer, and who are the facilitators?

Team Building Singapore offers diverse game modes like Bubble Bump Zombie and Bubble Bump Invasion. Our facilitators are professionally trained and certified through our ISO 9001:2015 ASEA™ Facilitator Training Programme.

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