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7 Best Places For Archery In Singapore [2024]

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Archery Singapore

Archery Singapore
Archery Singapore

Archery is a traditional sport that fuses mental and physical skills and is often used as a tool for team building. With widespread participation in this activity, archery has also evolved into a sports and recreational activity over a period of time. Singapore, being home to millions of people, offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, including archery.

This activity can be practiced by archers of all skill levels, whether you are a first-time archery participant or an accomplished archer, you can keep yourself entertained in this beautiful island of Singapore. Here are seven excellent places for archery in Singapore, with a focus on combat archery, which is a mixture of shooting arrows, dodgeball, and paintball. Are you ready to know about the top spots where you can enjoy archery in Singapore?

1. FunEmpire

Location: Various locations across Singapore

In Combat Archery Tag, an invigorating and safe sports activity offered by FunEmpire, dodgeball, paintball, and archery come together for a fun-filled session that promises exhilaration and keeps all rooms of the house filled with laughter and high spirits for hours to come.


Indoor and outdoor options to suit different preferences and weather conditions

Professional instructors who provide guidance and ensure a safe environment

High-quality, foam-tipped arrows and archery equipment

2. Archery Tag Singapore

Location: Various locations

Archery Tag Singapore provides archery tag activities for all ages and all fitness levels. It includes the fun of dodgeball and the action of archery to deliver an exciting experience for our participants.


Emphasis on safety and enjoyment

Professional facilitators to guide the sessions

Indoor and outdoor venues available

3. Combat Archery Tag Singapore

Location: Multiple venues across Singapore

Combat Archery Tag Singapore offers an exhilarating archery tag experience with a focus on fun, safety, and skill development. Their expert instructors teach various bow shooting techniques, making it an educational and enjoyable experience.


Expert instruction on stance, aiming, and shooting techniques

Rental of high-quality archery equipment

Suitable for team building and physical fitness

4. Team Building Singapore

Location: Various team building venues

The sport of Combat Archery Tag is included in an array of team-building activities by Team Building Singapore that can strengthen teamwork, communication, and concentration in a team.


Suitable for participants of all ages and fitness levels

Both indoor and outdoor options are available

High emphasis on safety and fun

5. Team Building Activities Singapore

Location: Multiple locations available

In addition to archery, this team building activities provider also offers participants team building exercises that are compatible with archery. Their activities focus on building the skills of teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking.


Professional guidance and high-quality equipment

Activities designed to enhance teamwork and communication

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

6. Team Building Games Singapore

Location: Multiple venues across Singapore

Team Building Games Singapore offers a variety of team-building games, including Combat Archery Tag. Their activities are designed to build team spirit and improve communication.


Emphasis on safety and enjoyment

Suitable for various group sizes

Professional and experienced instructors

7. Team Building Squad

Location: Available at various locations

The newest face in the archery tag scene, Team Building Squad offers an exciting and safe Combat Archery Tag experience. Their sessions are designed to test skills, unity, and creativity.


High safety standards with advanced equipment

Professional and experienced instructors

Suitable for all ages

Archery Singapore

If you’re looking to enhance your archery skills, are in a group looking for a fun and outdoor activity for team-building, or just starting out and just want to try a new and exciting sport, here are seven of the best places from the archery scene in the Lion City. From the action-packed Combat Archery Tag by FunEmpire, to the roster of team-building programmes offered by TeamBuilding Squad, you can have an arrowing good time with your friends, family, or colleagues in the following places.