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Guide to Planning an Archery Tag Birthday Party in Singapore [2024]

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Archery Tag Birthday Party Singapore

Archery Tag Birthday Party Singapore
Archery Tag Birthday Party Singapore

Planned birthdays often make you feel a lot of pressure to make it different and special. To help with this, finding a party with a difference can be a good idea such as an Archery Tag birthday party in Singapore. Archery Tag revolutionizes the sport of archery by combining it with another sport, as it is played like a competitive game of dodgeball. In this article, we are going to make sure you are ready to plan an impressive Archery Tag party from the venue booking until after and in between to ensure your party is well taken care of and the guests will leave satisfied.

Why Choose Archery Tag for a Birthday Party?

Archery Tag is an excellent choice for a birthday party for several reasons:

  • Engaging and Fun: It’s an exhilarating game that keeps participants active and entertained.
  • All Ages Welcome: Everyone will like it and it can be used with both children and adults from 8 to 80 years.
  • Teamwork and Strategy: Encourages teamwork, strategic thinking, and friendly competition.
  • Safe Environment: Supervised by trained facilitators to ensure safety.

Best Archery Tag Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

1. Kallang Cage

Over at Kallang Cage, there are many quals which make it a great location and place to play Archery Tag. It is very convenient to get there via public transport and is nicely located in the east. The indoor venue is also great as there is plenty of space for other game modes.

2. FunEmpire HQ

Located at FunEmpire HQ, this is our go-to space for a game of Archery Tag in the midst of the concrete jungle. Fully air-conditioned, centralised, and fitted with all the equipment for your group activity, it’s conveniently accessible.

3. Hyperspace

This venue is the perfect place for smaller and bigger groups without the need to go outdoors. Its indoor and sufficient environment provides you with all you need to have an amazing game of Archery Tag.

4. Futsal Arena @ Yishun

Outdoor field, wide open space with convenient access. This spot is ideal for the archery tag warrior who prefers outdoor play.

Planning the Event

1. Booking the Venue

  • Steps to Book: Contact the venue in advance, check availability, and confirm the booking. Be mindful of peak times and book early to secure your preferred date.
  • Balance your budget: Look at how much it costs to get menus and packages at different venues. You may need to pay extra for equipment rental and facilitator fees.

2. Invitations and Guest List

  • Creating the Guest List: Consider the age group, interests, and availability of potential guests. Aim for a balanced mix to ensure everyone enjoys the event.
  • Sending Invitations: Use digital invitations for convenience. Include all necessary details such as date, time, location, and what to bring.

3. Game Variations and Rules

  • Game Modes: Switch between Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Team Deathmatch, etc, to keep the event fresh.
  • Rules: Have clear, preferably evenly enforced, guidelines for everyone, especially concerning safety, to avoid injury and keep everyone having fun. Oh yeah, and have fun. Since that’s possible.

Preparing for the Day

What to Bring

  • Recommended Attire: Comfortable sportswear and closed-toe shoes are essential. Consider providing team-colored shirts or accessories for easy identification.
  • Essentials: Water bottles, towels, and a change of clothes. Sunscreen for outdoor venues.

Setting Up

  • Arrival Time: Arrive at least an hour early to set up the venue, brief the facilitators, and organize equipment.
  • Pre-Game Briefing: Conduct a safety briefing and explain the game rules to all participants.

During the Event

Warm-Up Activities

Engage guests with light warm-up exercises or mini-games to get them excited and ready for the main event.

  • Main Event: Archery Tag
  • Game Duration: Plan for multiple rounds with short breaks in between. Typically, a session lasts around 2 hours.
  • Managing Teams: Divide guests into balanced teams. Rotate team members if needed to ensure everyone gets a chance to play.

Post-Game Activities

  • Cool Down: Provide time for participants to cool down and rehydrate.
  • Awarding Winners: Celebrate the winning team with small prizes or certificates.
  • Group Photos: Capture memorable moments with group photos at the end of the event.

Additional Services

Catering and Refreshments

  • Food Options: Coordinate with the venue or local caterers to provide snacks and drinks. Consider dietary restrictions and preferences.
  • Party Snacks: Easy-to-eat finger foods, birthday cake, and refreshments to keep energy levels high.

Entertainment and Decorations

  • Extra-curricular activities: A DJ, photo booth, or baby magician to entertain guests during the tea break might also be worth considering.
  • Decorations: Finalise a theme and mount balloons, banners, and table settings as per the theme.

Safety and Supervision

  • Safety: Check that your venue has facilitators who’ve been adequately trained to run the games and who know how to limit any incidents, including clearing the hall if necessary.
  • First Aid: Keep a basic first aid kit on hand and know where the nearest medical facility is located.

Post-Event Considerations

  • Feedback and Reviews: Collect feedback from guests to understand what they enjoyed and what could be improved. Use this information for future events.
  • Thank You Notes: Send personalized thank you notes or emails to attendees, expressing appreciation for their participation.

Archery Tag Birthday Party Singapore

Archery Tag birthday party is indeed a birthday celebration that people will remember for a long time. This article will discuss how to plan for such an event to ensure smooth operations and to help make your Archery Tag birthday party unforgettable. In this article, we will be covering three important aspects of planning your Archery Tag birthday party, namely selecting a venue, managing the running of the event, and some other considerations after the party. So, raise your excitement, point your bow, and fire away!