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Best Archery Tag Providers in Singapore [2024]

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Archery Tag Singapore

Archery Tag Singapore
Archery Tag Singapore

Archery Tag Singapore is a interactive sport bringing twos teams together who shoot foam-tipped arrows at each other. getting hit by any arrow means you are out (tagged). In simple terms, Archery Tag Singapore is just like dodgeball where if you get hit by an arrow… you are out!! During game play players will try to hit each other with foam-tipped arrows which are designed such that no one would be hurt in the process.Thus, the thrill of competition can be experienced without causing harm. For more related articles:

Brief History of Archery

Archery is a sport initially introduced thousands of years ago, and purpose has become sensible compared to precedence, which was primary source of means to obtain food actively hunting and as a defense mechanism for warfare. In the Olympics games, it was assimilated in 1900, the game was new as equally it was exited and re-distinct from Olympics due to inequality of the guidelines. However, the Hunger Games movie impregnated an immense interest in Archery during the first movie was released in 2012. This brings us to Combat Archery Tag Singapore!

About Combat Archery Tag Singapore

As its name suggests, combat archery tag Singapore is similar to the dodgeball game where the aim is to tag your opponents. It is no secret they many enjoy the game as plenty of event planners have come to offer the sport for team-building events to keep up with the demand. Although it sounds dangerous, combat archery tag is in no way similar to combat. For a start, the arrows used in an archery tag session are foam-tipped and could hardly create an open wound. Face masks and protective equipment are also provided to prevent injury and minimize the risk of accidents.

Types of Archery Tag Games

1. The Revival

archery tag - the fun empire
archery tag – the fun empire

Eliminate as many opponents in this archery tag game mode as you can while keeping your teammates safe. After being tagged, step out of the pitch and call for your team members to revive you. To revive your teammate, shoot a foam circle out the foam board placed in the middle. However, the foam boards of both teams will be placed at close proximity and puts the medic at a huge risk of getting tagged. Hence, strategise on ways to win in archery tag before starting the game. For weak aimers, it might be a good idea to prioritise avoiding the arrows that come your way.

2. The Last King

archery tag - the fun empire
archery tag – the fun empire

This exciting archery tag game mode will require you to appoint one member to be the King whose job is to get the foam circles back into your team’s board. Everyone will have a bow in possession except for the king. Instead, he/she will have 3 lives in the game while every other member has 1 life. Each team will have 5 foam circles placed in their home base and teams are not allowed to steal each others’ foam circles. The first team to fill up the board or eliminates the opponent’s King will be awarded victory! Stay alert of your enemies and protect your King at all cost.

3. Mission Impossible

archery tag – the fun empire

Get ready to be the James Bond of combat archery tag in one of the most exciting game modes as you go on a mission to complete a crossword puzzle or unlock a padlock. To win this game, your team will need to figure out the code by running around the field to find the numbers/hints scattered. Everyone needs to get their head in the game to figure out the answer together, all while being vulnerable to the opponents’ arrow. Come up with a plan on how you want to protect the members solving the puzzle or risk losing the game!

Archery Tag as the Best Team Building Game

1. Ice-breaking

Breakaway from all seriousness in archery tag and just be yourself and have fun! Go ahead and shoot as many people as you can in combat archery tag – after all that is the aim of the game. No one’s going to blame you as long as you uphold the spirit of sportsmanship. As you apologise for shooting each other, make use of the opportunity to start a conversation. It could be with someone that you’ve been afraid to talk to for a long time or maybe even your boss!

2. Teamwork

There’s no “I” in “Teamwork” as obvious as it may seem. In order to emerge as winners in combat archery tag, you will have to open that golden mouth of yours to talk about strategies for winning. Sharing your strengths and weakness will also put your team at an advantage as members will be paired with the more appropriate role. Make sure to notify your teammate about any incoming arrows from opponents or your team will soon be wiped out!

Archery Tag

Archery tag Singapore provides an excellent way to work on your company culture and allows your employees to have fun and get some exercise all at the same time! Book your archery tag Singapore game now with the best Archery Tag provider in Singapore for a moment you won’t forget. For other activities: