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Best Chinese New Year Activities In Singapore [2023]

Chinese New Year Singapore

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is a celebration of family and custom. It’s a chance to mingle and celebrate the new year in style. During this unique moment, there are several activities that may be done, however some are more distinctive than others. If you’re searching for a new pastime to do this year, consider participating in one of these activities. We’ll go through Virtual escape room games and workshops that are perfect for bringing your family together either near or far for a memorable and meaningful Chinese Year!

Virtual Activities

Virtual Escape Room

A virtual escape room is a fantastic way to get into the new year spirit! In order to flee from the digital chamber, you and your friends will have 60 minutes to search for clues, execute operations, and solve puzzles. Competitive games, for example, Escape Rooms, are a type of team-building exercise that may be played with your friends or against them. The attraction of these rooms is that they may be utilized to bring everyone together at your reunion dinner party, where everyone can participate since they don’t require any particular gear.

Virtual Party Mania

If you’re hosting a virtual reunion dinner to include your loved ones even if they can’t be there physically, Virtual Party Mania is the way to go. For your next party, select from a number of games. Create a fun atmosphere with our games and bring the humor! With new game ideas for children and adults alike, you’ll have hours of fun with your family or friends! You may play any number of games in the same amount of time if you break them down into smaller parts.

Virtual Food Quest

Do you enjoy learning about food and discovering what’s new? Take part in a Virtual Food Quest, which allows you to chat with other foodies all over the world! Spend quality time with family and friends to tackle food-related difficulties based on each country’s indigenous cuisine! Learn about various kinds of cuisines and cultures while spending quality time together. What’s better is that we have special Chinese New Year edition for this game!

Virtual Nightfall

This is a new spin on the popular game Murderer that will put your mental abilities to the test. It necessitates participation, body language reading, and discussion. A character is assigned to each player based on one of several themes such as murderer, detective, or hero. Is it good versus evil? Who will triumph in the end?

As your personal facilitator, we will be hosting a Virtual Nightfall activity for you and your crew. Simply reserve a private session at the time and date of your choice to get to know one another better! In this mental game, you may discover each other’s talents and limits.

Virtual Travel Experience

Why not take part in The Fun Empire’s Virtual Adventure, a real-life adventure created by The Fun Empire that lets you connect with your friends all around the world via virtual reality? While participating in several intriguing initiatives such as the Treasure Hunt and the Amazing Race, for example during this virtual trip, you’ll learn about Singapore’s history.

Participants will collaborate in online groups to address real-world challenges while also learning more about the country from a unique virtual environment. This is ideal for conference calls since it allows people to interact with one another via a virtual world from their seats, even if you don’t know what team-building activities to do.

Creative Workshops

Virtual Candle Workshop

Make a wonderful candle with your pals and get ready for one of the most unusual virtual group bonding experiences you’ll ever have. There’s no need to miss anything since it’s completely flawless. Our professional facilitator will assist you in developing your own talents as well as those of your coworkers using our high-end tools.

Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Have you ever wished to do something enjoyable at home with your friends or coworkers but didn’t know how? The Fun Empire has converted a popular and award-winning workshop into a digital experience. We have figurines based on the various festivals, so decorate your house with a CNY terrarium to commemorate them. It’s excellent news for everyone who

In this session, you’ll learn how to create your own one-of-a-kind garden, which will be demonstrated by our staff. They’ll go through the concepts and nuts and bolts of creating a micro-garden, as well as all required tools and extras. You’ll get a fantastic figurine as a thank you for coming!

Virtual Art Jamming

Another fun thing to do at home is a soothing, restful, and satisfying painting session. Discover your artistic side and make a piece of art that you may show in your house or at work. You’ll find all the painting supplies you need in this kit, including watercolor paints, canvas or tote bags, pencils and erasers, as well as every other accouterments. Paint on Canvas or Tote Bag for $25 each session.

On request, there will be a debriefing and storytelling session at the conclusion of each event. What are you waiting for? If you enjoy this game, check out all of our team bonding activities in Singapore!

Virtual Leather Making

We provide a large range of leather goods that are ideal for your next project. Before the start of your virtual team-building session, our experts will send you our leather crafting at-home packages. Our professionals will help you during your online meeting!

You will learn about the fascinating theories behind several types of leather, as well as how to maintain and create your own items! You’ll be able to make not one, but two items!

Chinese New Year

The Fun Empire has created a fantastic opportunity for families and friends to interact with each other by providing virtual reality experiences that are both entertaining and instructive. With treasure searches, races all around the world, inventive workshops like art jamming and terrariums, and others, there’s something for every member of your family or group.

If you’re not sure what team bonding activities would be appropriate for your Chinese New Year celebration, The Fun Empire can set up an internet space where individuals may interact with one another while still sitting at their computers! For further details on these spectacular events, please contact us right now!

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