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Best Corporate Events in Australia [2024]

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Corporate Events Australia

Looking for workshop ideas for your next corporate event? Look no further! In this blog post, we will be sharing about 6 perfect Virtual team Building Australia workshop options that are perfect for corporates in Australia. Your group will have a fantastic learning experience by learning new abilities. From leather workshops to art sessions, there’s Virtual Team Building Australia activity for everyone.

1. Virtual Escape Room

The first and only Virtual Escape Room game from The Fun Empire allows players to work together in virtual teams to solve mysteries and “successfully escape” from a locked room. Players may collaborate with clues and resolve the issues and unearth the secrets of the game using the company’s internet escape room platform.

A private video conferencing platform is used for live and professional facilitation. The Escape Room is one of the most popular virtual team building activities, and it can accommodate small groups of two people all the way up to huge gatherings of hundreds.

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Do you want to go on adventures and tackle problems with your friends from the comfort of your own home? With Virtual Amazing Race by FunEmpire, you may do precisely that! This team-building exercise is comparable to The Amazing Race, but it may be done with buddies from other offices or squad members without ever leaving your own room.

Teams of two to hundreds of people are welcome in the Amazing Race. This is a team building game that you may not want to miss out on!

3. Virtual Time Travel

Have you ever questioned whether time travel is feasible? We may not know for sure, but by utilizing The Fun Empire’s Virtual Time Travel, we may experience what it’s like to go back in time! Players must collaborate as a group to solve complex yet hard riddles while pursuing a common goal.

Teams will have to apply their problem-solving abilities, cooperation, and communication to the test as they attempt to address a series of problems on this fascinating trip. The only restriction is that there are at least two people in the group, and it may accommodate an infinite number of participants!

4. Virtual Leather Making Workshop

Discover how to produce your own leather goods at home! The popular Fun Empire leather-crafting course has now been released virtually. Each participant will receive a Leather Making Home Kit in the mail before the start of their private virtual team building session.

The participants will be informed about the intriguing facts regarding different sorts of leather, how to maintain it in excellent shape, and how to create their own individual products! For a relatively low price, participants will be able to produce two items such as a key fob and a coin purse!

5. Clay Workshop

There has been a lot of demand for the Clay Making Workshop since participants may create anything from clay figurines to their own designs. You may also make tiny food items like cheesecake or macarons, as well as well-known cartoon characters such as the Angry Birds or Minions.

There are an infinite number of options! Participants will practice combining colors with colored clay and making their favorite hues in this workshop. They’ll also learn basic clay-shaping techniques and have direct contact with the materials. Clay workshops provide a great way to learn a new skill while also receiving the option to keep your own clay figurine sculpture.

6. Gel Candle Workshop

Both candles and wedding candles are attractive, as well as functional, in the home. They may also be used to provide a warm and pleasant atmosphere or just for the look of it. It’s also an excellent present! Simply lighting a candle and putting on a sheet mask will help you unwind after a long day. This will relax your mind.

Corporate Events Australia

The workshop for corporates from FunEmpire is a great way to explore new avenues of Virtual team Building Australia and problem-solving. It’s also a budget-friendly option that accommodates both small groups or large gatherings with no minimum group size! From a leather workshop to a candle one, there is something exciting from Virtual team Building Australia for everyone!

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