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7 Best Escape Rooms For 2 People in Singapore [2024]

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Escape Room For 2 People

You might be shocked to learn that there are 2 player Virtual Escape Rooms online that allow you and your partner/buddy to play two-player escape room games simultaneously. With just two players and no teams, 2 Player Escape Rooms offer a novel approach to the conventional Escape Room game with six to ten people instead of the usual six to ten person groups In this article, we are going to introduce 7 Exciting Escape Rooms For 2 People. We hope that these will inspire you to try out a Virtual Escape Room Singapore game today!

1. Virtual Food Quest – Ninja Chef

The Fun Empire is eager to present Singapore’s first Virtual Food Quest. Showcasing Singapore’s unique food scene, this amazing and fun online game will teach you about the different types of food types in our country via a series of mini-games.

In Virtual Food Quest, become the master of cooking games with your partner using our team-building activities. You must work together to solve a number of interactive riddles in order to finish this enjoyable culinary journey. This is an excellent two-player escape room for you and your partner to play together.

2. Virtual Escape Room

In our Virtual Escape Room, you’ll be able to participate in a room that only exists virtually. Our Original Online Escape Room places you in an interactive Virtual World where your intellect and imagination must be applied. We provide a one-of-a-kind virtual escape room that challenges players to apply their knowledge and skills in order to solve issues.

3. Virtual Time Travel

Prepare to be caught up in the world’s first and only Virtual Escape Room! Your ranks in this exciting and immersive virtual environment will improve with each solved puzzle. Encounter a variety of eras and time zones as you travel through an intriguing narrative that binds them together; it can’t get any better than this!

Virtual Time Travel is an extremely exciting 2 player virtual escape room for you and your partner which improves bonding and teamwork. You are sure to have a wonderful experience.

4. Virtual Amazing Race

The Fun Empire is delighted to be able to provide Singapore’s first and only Virtual Amazing Race Experience! The Fun Empire has developed an innovative Online Amazing Race game in which you are completely immersed in a world of digital adventure.

Teams of explorers will go on an exciting journey across the globe in 360-degree live clues, while being immersed in an enthralling tale that tickles their senses. The Virtual Amazing Race is a fantastic 2-player escape room online for you and your partner to enjoy.

5. Time’s Ticking

The Fun Empire has introduced the Time’s Ticking theme, this 2 player escape room is amazing for those couples looking for a challenging but good time.

In this escape room, participants must stop a group of terrorists from detonating an explosive device before time runs out. Work with your partner and crack several codes in our virtual team-building game! This 2 player escape room online was created by in-house game professionals to enhance the connection between you and your partner!

6. Virtual Travel Experience – Icons of Singapore

The first Virtual Travel Experience in town is courtesy of The Fun Empire. Participants must solve puzzles virtually to complete challenges that take them from different eras in Singapore’s history. Join an exploration journey that includes 360° live clues, a Treasure Hunt, a Virtual Amazing Race, and a Virtual Escape Room to learn more about Singapore while having a blast.

7. Ben’s Big Heist

Check out Ben’s Big Heist, an online escape game in which the plot is a heist that has gone wrong. Join your companion on this mission to enter the bank vault before security arrives and be sure to bring all of their assets with you! The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to break into the vault – so make sure you think about things carefully. This is a thrilling online 2-player escape room for you and your spouse to try.

Escape Room For 2 People

We have come to the end of this blog, we hoped that the information in this article have helped you a little in having a better grasp of 2 Player Virtual Escape Room games. If you are looking for the great escape room prices feel free to contact us. We would love to give you the top Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience!

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