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5 Best Laser Tag Game Modes in Singapore [2024]

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Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore

Best Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore
Best Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore

Laser tag is the most dynamic, tactical game in Singapore where there are several modes of game play. Recently, there are more laser tag providers who play with companies for team building activities.

Each mode has its own unique difficulties and scoring objectives, tailoring its game to a wide variety of style and skill levels for a thrilling laser tag experience for all.

In this article, we provide detailed description of the various types of laser tag game modes so you can pick the modes you wish to play in your next laser tag game session.

Best Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore

1. Domination

In Domination, teams compete to capture and hold control points marked in the laser tag arena. Points are secured by tagging them, and teams must defend their points while attempting to capture the opponent’s. This mode emphasizes strategic planning and teamwork, requiring effective communication and balanced offensive and defensive tactics to succeed.

Key Objectives:

  • Capture and hold control points
  • Defend captured areas from the opposing team

Tips for Success:

  • Communicate effectively with your team
  • Balance offensive and defensive strategies
  • Focus on teamwork and coordination

2. The Revival

The Revival mode adds an element of strategising and teamwork with the ability to bring downed teammate back to life, which requires players to touch them to resurrect them.

Key Objectives:

  • Revive fallen teammates
  • Prevent the opposing team from reviving their players

Strategy Tips:

  • Protect your medics
  • Use strategic positioning for revivals
  • Focus on eliminating the enemy’s medics

3. Capture The Flag

This game mode has teams take turns trying to access each other’s bases, laughing, shouting and coordinating efforts to either capture our opponents’ flag and bring it back to our base while competing against the clock; or, defending our flag from their attempts to remove it. This is one of the best game modes for outdoor laser tag!

Key Objectives:

  • Capture the opponent’s flag
  • Defend your flag from being captured

Strategy Tips:

  • Coordinate attacks and defenses
  • Use diversion tactics to confuse the enemy
  • Communicate constantly with your team

4. Last Man Standing

This mode is a test of individual skill and survival tactics. Players aim to eliminate all other players and be the last one standing, with limited lives or health adding to the challenge. In this game mode, it’s just the players and their laser tag guns.

Key Objectives:

  • Eliminate all other players
  • Survive until the end

Strategy Tips:

  • Move stealthily and use cover effectively
  • Choose battles wisely and avoid unnecessary risks
  • Be mindful of your health and resources

5. Medic

In Medic mode, each team has a designated medic who can revive fallen teammates. The medic’s role is crucial, and teams must protect their medic while attempting to eliminate the enemy’s medic. Therefore, aside from you laser guns, the medic is your next best friend!

Key Objectives:

  • Protect the medic
  • Revive teammates using the medic

Strategy Tips:

  • Keep the medic well-protected and mobile
  • Use the medic’s abilities strategically
  • Coordinate attacks to eliminate the opposing medic

Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore

These fun challenges span everything from team strategy to individual achievement, providing laser tag with a wide range of fun game modes that are approachable for any age and experience level on any given occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about laser tag game modes in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Game Modes in Laser Tag Singapore below:

What is the best laser tag game mode for beginners?

Capture the Flag is ideal for beginners due to its clear objectives and simple gameplay.

How long does each game mode typically last?

Most modes last between 15 to 30 minutes per round.

What is the recommended group size for each game mode?

Optimal gameplay usually involves 6-12 players per team in the laser tag games.

Are there any age restrictions for playing these game modes?

Laser tag is generally suitable for players aged 7 and above, though age restrictions may vary by venue.

What equipment is required for each game mode?

Basic laser tag equipment includes a laser tag gun and a sensor vest. Some modes may require additional props or markers.