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Ultimate Guide To Leather Crafting Tools in Singapore [2024]

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Leather Crafting Tools Singapore

Leather Crafting Tools Singapore
Leather Crafting Tools Singapore

Leathercrafting is a traditional craft and art that experienced a renaissance thanks to its intriguing benefits – its therapeutic effect, and also the satisfaction of creating beautiful, functional pieces, and the fact that it’s a great hobby.

In Singapore in recent years, leather craft has flourished and people are increasingly fixated on this leather crafting experience. From beginners to professionals, leathercrafting enthusiasts must gather armfuls of tools and instruments before tapping into the leathercraft.

In this article, we will introduce you to the basic and advanced tools needed to start your leather crafting journey with a personal touch in Singapore.

Getting Started with Leather Crafting

As such, it is all about working in style with raw leather and turning it into all kinds of items, like wallets, belts, or key fobs.

Beginners should opt for simple projects, to get the hang of your leather and your tools. Projects such as a wallet or a belt will give them first experiences with cutting, preparing the edges of your leather to be sewn, stitching, and finishing their leather goods.

Essential Leather Crafting Tools

1. Cutting Tools

  • Rotary Cutter: This is a must-have tool for cutting any leather. It contains a round, sharp blade that you use for cutting, which helps you make good straight cuts. You need to get a cutter specifically made for leather crafting.
  • Leather Scissors: Unlike regular scissors, leather scissors cut through hard leather, without fraying the edges.
  • Utility Knife: This type of knife is the best tool for cutting difficult and intricate trimmings, and it can achieve the desired accuracy.

2. Measuring Tools

  • Ruler / Measuring Tape: You must be able to take accurate measurements of various dimensions to ensure that pieces fit together properly. Get a stout ruler or a flexible measuring tape.
  • Wing Divider: for marking and measuring distances on a leather surface for spacing out of stitches and/or other design features.

3. Hole-Making Tools

  • Awl: Tool used to create holes in leather to assist in stitching and embellishment. Can be a little tricky to use at the beginning but a great tool after the learning curve.
  • Hole Punch: comes with different sizes which can be used to pull holes. To be used as belt holes, straps, bracelets, etc.

4. Stitching Tools

  • Stitcher Groover: Used to scribe a groove along the stitching line so that the stitches sit flush with the surface of the leather for a cleaner look.
  • Pricking Iron: Dressmaking is rendered easier to execute and faster to achieve by this useful aid in marking evenly spaced stitching holes.
  • Needles and Thread: There are different kinds of needles and threads suitable for leather crafting. According to the thickness and type of leather, we can choose a needle and thread to craft a new launch.

5. Edge Tools

  • Edge Beveler: Smooths and rounds the edges of the leather, providing your project with a finished look.
  • Burnishing Tool: Used to polish edges, a burnishing tool helps seal and finish the edges of leather for a sleek look.

6. Setting Tools

  • Mallet: A mallet is used to set rivets and snaps and can apply force without damage to the leather.
  • Rivet Setter and Snap Setter: This tool holds the top rivet while making a dimple in the silver tab, so you can install the rivet. Snap Setter: This tool makes a dimple in the leather to allow the snap shank to sit flush.

Advanced Leather Crafting Tools

  • Leather Skiver: This is used for whittling out the thickness of leather for certain projects that require it to be thinner and easier to fold and stitch.
  • Leather Dye and Finish Tools: Brushes, daubers, and sponges keep your hands dye and finish-free for a better experience while applying colours and texture to the leather.
  • Stamping Tools: These small and narrow tools are used for embellishing leather, their heads being flattened into a shape that allows them to create fine patterns and designs.

Benefits of Attending Leather Crafting Workshops

1. Learning from Experts

Workshops facilitate this connection when an instructor teaches you, providing hands-on skills and experiences so that you learn the basics from others who’ve been there before you. This can elevate your skills much faster than trying to do it alone by.

2. Access to Quality Equipment

Apart from the expertise you’ll gain from a class, the essence of a workshop is that you have access to professional-grade tools and materials. There, you can try equipment before buying it yourself, and thus ensure that you can make a good investment the first time, avoiding costly waste due to a subpar tool.

3. Community and Support

Sharing tips and techniques with other leather crafters who might be sharing a bench with you in a workshop can be a motivational and educational experience in itself.

Tips for Beginners

1. Start Small

First, cut your teeth by making simple projects, which should be done accurately, but don’t have a lot of detail. Think wallets, belts, key fobs, and watches.

2. Invest in Quality Tools

It is tempting to cut spending on tools just because they cost less, especially for the amateur. But ultimately the super high-quality and the cheap ones are poor choices. Good-quality tools last longer and produce better-quality end products.

3. Practice Regularly

In many ways, leatherworking is like any art. The more you do it, the better at it you get.

Leather Crafting Tools Singapore

Leather crafting is a rewarding hobby, which provides you a plenty of beautiful, long-lasting items. The right amount of tools are necessary for creating professional leather items, for beginners and advanced creatives alike. There are several devices you can purchase or either attend courses in order to skyrocket your leathercraft world. So grab your leather slice and go make your precious leather accessories!

We hope you found this exhaustive leather crafting guide helpful, and are excited to begin your leather exploration with your loved ones in Singapore. Happy crafting!