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Introduction to Laser Tag in Singapore [2024]

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What Is Laser Tag Singapore

What Is Laser Tag Singapore
What Is Laser Tag Singapore

Laser tag is a shooting-game-with-a-bit-of-strategic-team-play-touch and a recreation form that became popular in Singapore, as well as other countries around the world. This kind of play bring ton of fun and energy, and age-irrelevant engagement to goal-achievers.

This article will talk about laser tag in Singapore in detail, ranging from the knowledge point of view, to the types, its regulation, its benefits, the places, game tips for beginners, frequently asked questions and so on.

What is Laser Tag?


Laser tag is a sport in which players fire guns that are equipped with infrared- emitting diodes. The purpose of the game is for individual players to tag sensors that some of their opponents wear. Laser tag is a game of proficiency, of strategy, and of team effort.

This game is completely painless, and completely mess-free. This makes laser-tag an activity that can be enjoyed by a much broader audience than paintball did; families with children can become involved.

Historical Context

While the history of laser tag really began with the military use of infrared targeting technology for military training enhancements in the mid-1970s and continued in the earliest commercial laser tag game system in the early 1980s, it was only by the end of the decade, by the late 1980s, that laser tag penetrated the leisure world, and today thousands of laser tag arenas are now active all over the world and are as varied in size and shape as our needs. Laser tag is played both indoors and out, in all sorts of formats.

Types of Laser Tag

Indoor Laser Tag

Indoor laser tag typically involves playing in an arena with obstacles and barriers. For this reason, indoor tag systems can be used to create a truly immersive experience. Indoor laser tag experiences create fantasy atmospheres with rules and structures that players might want to experience.

In most indoor arenas there are multiple ways at how to play, depending on the type of laser tag system used: you can play a simple free-for-all or one of the many mission modes.

Outdoor Laser Tag

The physical challenge and the fact that you’re outdoors also affect your thinking and the way you approach others. Outdoor laser tag is a different experience because it adapts to natural terrain and larger play areas.

It is better suited for larger groups and for those who enjoy more space. You might have wooded areas and fields for outdoor laser tag. You could also have inflatable barriers. It’s more rugged and physically challenging than indoor games.

How Laser Tag Works


The essential laser tag equipment includes a laser gun (or phaser) and a sensor vest. The phasers emit infrared beams, while the vests contain sensors that detect hits. When a sensor is hit, it registers a point against the player or team. Some advanced systems include additional features like hit feedback, real-time scoring, and different weapon modes.

Gameplay Mechanics

Laser tag games can vary widely in terms of objectives and rules. Common game modes include:

  • Team Deathmatch: Each team competes to hit the opposing team the most number of times within a certain time frame.
  • Capture the Flag: Teams capture the flag of the opposing team and return it to their base without getting tagged along the way.
  • Free-for-All: Every man for himself. The winner is the player with the most hits.

Successful gameplay most often results from a mixture of strategy, communication and quick reactions.

Rules and Etiquette

Basic Rules

  1. No Physical Contact: Players must avoid physical contact to ensure safety.
  2. No Running: Running is often prohibited to prevent accidents.
  3. No Covering Sensors: Players must not cover their sensors to avoid being tagged.
  4. Respect the Arena: Players should not damage the equipment or the playing area.

Safety Guidelines

Safety is the supreme concern in laser tag. Players are asked to wear loose clothing and footwear so as they can move around comfortably, and are guided most often by a safety briefing given at the beginning of each game, as well as by rules that venues hold their players to so that risks are minimised.

Benefits of Playing Laser Tag

Physical Benefits

Lasertag is great for physical exercise. The game makes players run to different areas, crouch down and jump, and can also make them change directions immediately. Good players gain some degree of agility, coordination and fitness as there are a number of calories that can be burnt within a typical game. Lasertag is a great alternative to ordinary workouts.

Mental and Social Benefits

Aside from the physical advantages, laser tag presents many mental and social advantages as well. The game is full of decision-making and requires strategy to set and execute plans, while the competitive nature of laser tag demands communication and quick thinking on the spot.

Through the interactive and positive nature of laser tag, you can develop cognitive skills and enhance your communication abilities working with others. While laser tag promotes friendly competition, it still presents the benefits of team building, whether it’s a casual game between friends, family or co-workers, it presents an opportunity to come together, let loose and have some fun.

Laser Tag Venues in Singapore

FunEmpire HQ

It is just 5 MRT stops away from FunEmpire HQ and near Mattar MRT as well, which also makes a good indoor and air-conditioned place to host a laser tag game with its UV black lights that provides an extra tantalising dimension through the color-teeming aura.

For more information regarding the available packages and facilities for an event customization such as birthday parties, corporate events and other activities, FunEmpire HQ can be said to be the way to go. In terms of convenience in terms of parking, you could not ask more.

The Cage @ Kallang

Cage @ Kallang is at Stadium MRT and below a bridge, so it would be shelter from rain and not have to remember to cancel your waterproofing/gum boots for rainy days. Showers are also available at Cage @ Kallang which you can cleanse yourself after an exhilarating shoot and run. Simple parking charges apply too, so if you have a car, then it is convenient to drive over.

Unique Features

Most of the laser tag locations are packed with sci-fi and military theme. They try to create a more amazing gameplay experience with an arena and special effect. There are many kinds of sci-fi effects and battlefield settings in the virtual world of laser tag. You are in a military area with fighting sounds, pumping music, a mask, and light weapons.

Booking and Availability

Many venues require making a reservation in advance, especially if you will have a big group, or a special event. Some centres offer specific birthday party packages, corporate team events or special occasions. Prices vary.

Tips for First-Time Players


  • Clothing: Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and closed-toe shoes.
  • Hydration: Bring water to stay hydrated, especially for outdoor games.

Gameplay Tips

  • Stay Mobile: Keep moving to avoid being an easy target.
  • Use Cover: Utilize obstacles and barriers to shield yourself from opponents.
  • Communicate: Work with your team to coordinate strategies and share information about enemy positions.

What Is Laser Tag Singapore

Laser tag is fun because every child, adult and fitness enthusiasts can have a great, unforgettable and memorable time playing this new sport. The venues are widely spread, which includes indoor and outdoor office locations and some that offer good food and beverages.

It is a forest themed location that often regarded as one of the better spots for laser tag in Singapore. It is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday, special occasions with families, friends for a corporate event or just an evening out.