Archery Tag Venues Great For Hosting Your Cohesion Idea.

Cohesion Idea

 Cohesion Idea
Cohesion Idea

Archery Tag is a popular game to play with family and friends, as it is known for being a fun and exciting pastime! It may not be widely known, however, where you can play the game. As a result, here is a list of locations where you can play Archery Tag Singapore!

1.Kallang Cage

The Kallang Cage in Singapore may be a favorite spot for futsal games among many people. It's also one of the locations where most of our activities, such as archery tag, are held. Unlike other places, Kallang Cage is secluded; each pitch stands on its own building and is private.

The covered patio is large, yet it's still pleasant since there are big ceiling fans installed along with opened windows. Plus, they provide a sound system as well, allowing you to play your music throughout the event! Kallang Cage, like the previous location, also has showers! After a session of Archery Tag, you may visit the area's malls such as Kallang Wave Mall and Kallang Leisure Park to get some food.

2. The Fun Empire HQ

The Fun Empire headquarters has a multipurpose air-conditioned room that can be adapted to your party's requirements. If you're organizing an archery tag session in the city, this is a great option since it is just 10 minutes from town! For your convenience, there are tables, chairs, and restrooms available.


Hyperspace is a new scene location in Singapore, and it's the major event space provider with a 3,000-square-foot facility. Hyperspace can accommodate small groups of 10 to huge crowds of 150 people depending on the occasion and may be readily modified. It's ideal for a next Archery Tag session or more! The many different amenities on offer will most certainly keep you and your guests amused throughout the day!

4.Futsal Arena @ Yishun

Futsal Arena at Yishun is perfect for people living in the North who don't want to go a long way elsewhere. This futsal arena is near to the bus interchange, which is only a 10-minute walk from Yishun MRT. The pitches at this facility are big, sheltered, and ideal for a bow and arrow session.

Cohesion Idea

Archery Tag Singapore would be the ideal location to celebrate your birthday or organize a team building event. This game is fun, thrilling, and exciting, ensuring that your bonding occasion will stand out among the rest! We hope that this information has assisted you in finding Archery Tag locations that you may enjoy. Book your archery tag with the finest Archery Tag provider in Singapore right now!

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