Choosing The Best Team Building Company In Singapore

Team Building Company In Singapore

Choosing the best Team Building Company In Singapore can be a tough decision for many businesses. There are so many Team Building Companies to choose from and each one will offer a different experience. Team building is important for any company as it helps foster an environment where team members feel connected, valued, and energized. In this blog post, we recommend you our main team building provider, The Fun Empire and we will discuss some exciting activities for team building singapore that they provide.

But before you proceed to read, let's check out some other awesome team building activities that are not listed here.

All About The Fun Empire

Team Building Company In Singapore - the fun empire
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire® is one of the world’s most unique and fun event and team building companies. They develop great activities like Saber Tag®, Bubble Bump™, Combat Archery Tag etc. to make a difference in people's lives.

They specialize in team building corporate events in Singapore regardless of the size, giving uniquely tailored experiences to suit your needs. In addition, they provide specialty services such as birthday parties for any age group - something that most companies don't offer.

The Fun Empire implements bonding through play to boost the effectiveness of employees. They design and deliver team building games for corporate, virtual team bonding activities and creative team building workshops in order to excite, motivate, or inspire participants. Their interactive and memorable experiences work towards creating a fun environment where coworkers can get closer as they face new challenges together.

Furthermore, they believe that their focus on teamwork and fun during games will help your employees develop an appreciation for your work together and increase their understanding of how important collaboration is for success.

Virtual Team Building Singapore

We have collated a few popular online team building games in Singapore that The Fun Empire offers below.

1) Virtual Escape Room

Team Building Company In Singapore - virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire invites you on an expanding adventure with their Singapore's first Virtual Escape Room Experience. Players are immersed in a web-based virtual environment where they have to solve challenging puzzles in order to complete the mission.

This Escape Room creates a lighthearted environment that encourages communication and sharing of information for remote teams. Hence, this is one of the team building games that made The Fun Empire the best team building company in Singapore.

2) Virtual Amazing Race

Team Building Company In Singapore - virtual amazing race
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is the top team building company in Singapore, known for offering Singapore’s only Virtual Amazing Race Experience.

Their one-of-a-kind race, created on their proprietary platform and designed by the experts, will keep teams energized with exciting challenges and enhance communication over the internet while increasing morale.

3) Virtual Time Travel

Team Building Company In Singapore - virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

Next up, The Fun Empire is proud to offer the world’s first Virtual Time Travel experience. In this activity, you and your team solve challenging puzzles in their virtual environment using innovative technology and an exclusive storyline. The game experts at The Fun Empire have designed a thrilling escape room from a different era - definitely not one you’ll find anywhere else!

4) Virtual Food Quest

Team Building Company In Singapore - virtual food quest
The Fun Empire

Do you have the knowledge of the latest food trends? If so, The Fun Empire's Virtual Food Quest is a lighthearted way to spend some time with your work team. Learn about different cuisines throughout the world and save up ingredients for your Ultimate Ninja Dish.

Creative Team Building Workshops

Besides virtual team bonding activities, The Fun Empire also provides various creative workshops for you to have fun with your friends/colleagues!

1) Terrarium Workshop

Team Building Company In Singapore - terrarium workshop
The Fun Empire

For this terrarium workshop, you may choose from two options: virtual terrarium workshop or physical ones.

Learn the basics of creating your own terrarium and how to decorate them with colourful sand and cute figurines. These workshops will cater to your different team building needs in Singapore.

At the end of a terrarium workshop, participants get to share their creations with colleagues and discuss the design decisions they made.

This workshop is perfect for an indoor team building activity that brings your whole team together, making it a creative and relaxing bonding session. Also, team leaders get to take home all the terrariums they make!

2) Art Jamming Workshop

Team Building Company In Singapore - art jamming workshop
The Fun Empire

There are 4 ways you can art jam, namely individual art jamming, group art jamming, neon art jamming and tote bag art jamming.

In each art jamming workshop, participants are given the freedom to create a masterpiece that they can take home or back to their office. This activity can be done on an individual basis, where participants draw and paint a separate artwork. Alternatively, it may be completed in groups as all the participants work together to complete a larger painting.

Coupled with soothing background music, Art Jamming will help you and your colleagues alleviate work stress. It is also a great option for small groups like birthdays, hen’s nights, weddings, bachelor parties, or carnivals.

3) Leather Workshop

Team Building Company In Singapore - leather workshop
The Fun Empire

Leather Workshop is an engaging experience that mixes leather production skills and creativity. Participants will get to learn about the properties of leather, have the opportunity to trace, cut out, craft and assemble their own pieces, and then make products such as a coin pouch or key FOB that they can keep for themselves or give as gifts.

If you’re looking for something outside the norm, then Leather Workshop is a fantastic team bonding experience you need to try with your colleagues!

4) Clay Making Workshop

Team Building Company In Singapore - clay making workshop
The Fun Empire

From basic clay sculptures to detailed figurines, learn the basics of sculpting air-dry clay at The Fun Empire's Clay Making Workshop.

This workshop is perfect for teams who long to bond while expressing their creativity. Choose from a variety of clay figurines and customize the experience based on your preferences - The Fun Empire can make it perfect for you!

Team Bonding Activities Singapore

As the pandemic situation is still ongoing, we do not recommend you to play activities that require you to be present physically. However, The Fun Empire still offers such games and you should consider them when the situation gets better. You may even combine some of these activities to make it a 1 day team building program.

1) Ninja Tag

Team Building Company In Singapore - ninja tag
The Fun Empire

Looking to be a ninja and outwit your opponents? You can now do it with Ninja Tag, a close-combat style team building game where you'll use foam ninjas and points scoring vests. Choose from different missions to have access to exciting challenges!

2) Bullet Ball

Team Building Company In Singapore - bullet ball
The Fun Empire

Have you tried a faster and more exciting version of Dodgeball before? Bullet Ball, created by The Fun Empire, is an original game for team building in Singapore. It's an affordable option that will keep your event memorable!

If you are looking for a team building activity that will appeal to both children and adults, try this game out. You can play it in your conference room at the office if you want!

3) Poolball

Team Building Company In Singapore - poolball
The Fun Empire

Play a variety of games such as Poolball Classic and Poolball Sabotage on the world’s largest pool table. Poolball is great for team building because it includes strategic collaboration as well as communication skills. The game can accommodate both small and large teams, and offers a challenge to people at all age levels.

4) SaberFit

Team Building Company In Singapore - saberfit
The Fun Empire

SaberFit is one of the world’s first high energy group fitness workouts that combine combat saberwork with dynamic aerobic exercise. It's part of a collaboration to make team building events more exciting and unforgettable!

Team Building Company In Singapore

Many businesses today are looking for new ways to generate revenue and create a better work environment for their employees. Team building activities are one way that companies can do this, but it is not always easy to find the right team building company in Singapore.

We hope that this article has given you some insights of the best team building company in Singapore, The Fun Empire and helps you in determining what type of activities for your next corporate team building event.

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